1.      General terms

1.1. This Privacy Policy describes how the Owner collect, use, and disclose (collectively, “process”) information of our Website visitors (individuals and legal persons) via website “Ukrainian Creative Stories” located at

1.2.  The purpose of Privacy Policy is to ensure an adequate level of protection of all information and to inform you how we collect, store and process your information, as well as what rights you have in connection with such processing, how you can access the collected information and give instructions. to change or destroy such information.

1.3.  Privacy Policy is an integral part of the contract for the provision of advertising services on the website (in the case of its conclusion with the user).

1.4.  If you register your own profile on the website, entering information about the user`s company, cases (works, projects in the field of advertising) specially dedicated registration forms, you voluntarily provide personal information to Owner. User`s information may also be transmitted to the Owner through telephone channels and / or by sending to an e-mail or postal address or other methods of communication.

1.5.  If for any reason, you are unable or unwilling to agree to this, you do not have permission to access or use the website and you must stop using or attempting to use the website.

1.6.  Privacy Policy is adopted in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "About Information", the Law of Ukraine "About Personal Data Protection" and other regulations of Ukraine

1.7.  The Owner may add, modify, or delete provisions of this Privacy Policy at any time in accordance with the Law of Ukraine.

2.      Definitions

2.1.  The Owner - Limited Liability Company "ADVERTISING COALITION", identification code: 36698303, location: 04212, Kyiv, Marshal Tymoshenko Str, b. 13-A, apartment 246.

2.2.  Information - any information, including confidential information, personal data transmitted by users to the Owner in any form by any methods, including due to the interaction of users with the website.

2.3.  User - any individual or legal person who visits and / or uses the services of the website, and / or places his own work in the field of advertising on the website in accordance with the terms of the contract concluded with the Owner, or whose information is transmitted by any other users in the process of interaction with the website and / or the Owner.

2.4.  Processing is any action or set of actions, such as collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, renewal, use and sharing, depersonalization, destruction of information, including the use of information (automated) systems. 

3.      The collection of information

3.1.  Your information may be collected by the Owner from the following sources:

3.1.1. Via website by voluntarily filling in and providing information through specially designed registration forms.

3.1.2.  Via website by collecting information from the Owner's automated information systems.

3.1.3.  Via App to website (if created) by voluntarily filling in and providing information through specially designed registration forms.

3.1.4.  Via the Owner's e-mail specified on the website or additionally communicated by the Owner's staff, by voluntarily sending the relevant e-mails by users.

3.1.5.  Via website user support center, including official instant messaging support channels, by voluntarily sending relevant emails.

3.1.6.  Via direct voluntary transfer by users of media to the Owner.

3.1.7.  Via third parties who legally possess the relevant information and have the right to share it on to the Owner for legitimate purposes.

 4.      Data processing

4.1.  In the process of interacting with users and for legitimate purposes, the Owner may obtain and process the following user`s information:

4.1.1.  Information about the user required for the website authorization, creation of company`s profile and interaction with the Owner: company name, legal company name, link to company`s website, links to the page of company on social networks, the address of the location (office) of company, information about membership in public organizations, unions, associations.

4.1.2. Information about the contact persons, necessary for communication with the Owner: surname, name, position, telephone number and e-mail address of the main contact person of company.

4.1.3.  Information about user required by the current legislation of Ukraine (the full name (legal name) of company, the official address (legal address) of company, individual tax number, taxpayer certificate number, etc.)

4.1.4. Information about user required for posting on the website and for fulfillment of the contractual obligations assumed by the Owner.

4.1.5.  Information about works and commercial projects of user: entry title, brand name, advertiser, type of work, information about categories and nominations in competitions, project description, project year , video and audio materials of entry, visual materials.

4.1.6.  Name, email address and other information provided by the user for communication with the Owner.

4.1.7.  Information about the use of the website by users. The Owner may use first- or third-party “cookie” technology that can process information associated with devices that visit Website

4.1.8. The Owner, or a third-party service provider on Owner behalf, may process payment-related information provided by users via the website for the purpose of billing for participation in contest program or event tickets users purchase through website.

4.1.9.  Other information about users obtained by the Owner from them or third parties in order to achieve legitimate goals.

5.      Cause of Data processing

5.1.  Cause of Data processing by Owner may be:

5.1.1.  The user's consent to the data processing, expressed in writing or by interacting with the website.

5.1.2.  Permission to process information granted to the Owner in accordance with the Law.

5.1.3.  Concluding and performance of contract with the user or contract which is concluded for the benefit of the user or for the implementation of measures prior to the conclusion of the contract.

5.1.4.  Fulfillment of the obligations by the Owner established by the current legislation of Ukraine.

5.1.5.  Other reasons established by the current legislation of Ukraine.

 6.      The purpose of data collection

6.1.  The purpose of data collection by the Owner may be for:

6.1.1.  Providing reliable functioning of the website.

6.1.2.  Providing access for jury members to evaluate entries. 

6.1.3. In order to promote the Festival, the Owner may screen, publish or reproduce all materials submitted by user to the website for purposes of promoting the Festival.

6.1.4.  Fulfillment by the Owner of contractual obligations to users, including authorization of the users on the website and registration of their works (projects) 

6.1.5.  Fulfillment by the Owner of other obligations established by the current legislation of Ukraine.

7.     Security

7.1. The Owner undertakes to safeguard the information carefully and limit access to your personal information to only those reasonably need access in order to perform their duties.

7.2.  The Owner is obliged to protect information from accidental loss or destruction, illegal processing, including illegal destruction or access to third party information.

7.3.  In processing the information, the Owner applies all technical, organizational and legal measures necessary to properly protect information from unauthorized dissemination, access by third parties, changes, deletions, damage and other illegal actions.

8.      Access to data

8.1.  Users have the right to access their own information by logging in to the website and making appropriate changes or by sending a request to the e-mail:

9.      Data transfer

9.1.  User information may be transfered to third parties only in the following cases:

9.1.1.  To form the statistical data

9.1.2.  In other cases according to the current law of Ukraine.

9.2. Information about the works and projects of advertising agencies can be transfered to the jury only for evaluation.

9.3. The Owner may screen, publish or reproduce all materials submitted to the website for purposes of promoting the Festival. 

10.   Alter, delection or destroy of information

10.1.   The processing of information is terminated and the information is deleted or destroyed by the Owner in such cases:

10.1.1.  The completion of data retention determined by the consent of the user or the agreement between the Owner and the user.

10.1.2.  Termination of the legal relationship between the user and the Owner.

10.1.3.  Entry into force of a court decision to delete or destroy information. 

10.1.4.  In other cases according to the current law of Ukraine.

10.2.   User information may change as a result of user interaction with the website or as a result of the Owner receiving information about relevant changes from the sources established by this Privacy Policy.

10.3.   The user has the right at any time to request a change, deletion or revoke his consent to the processing of information by sending this request to the e-mail address:

10.4.   After receiving the request, within 10 days such request is considered by the Owner and the processing of information is terminated and the information is deleted, except when such information is necessary to fulfill the obligations according to law of Ukraine.

10.5.   Alter or delection (destruction) of information that does not correspond to reality, or contradicts (violates) the provisions of current law of Ukraine, is carried out immediately from the moment of establishing the fact of such non-compliance by the Owner from any source.

11.   Your rules

11.1.     You have the right:

11.1.1.  To know about the sources of information, the purpose of information processing, the location of the Owner.

11.1.2.  To receive information about conditions for providing access to information

11.1.3.  Get access to information.

11.1.4.  To receive a response from the Owner about processing of user information within thirty calendar days from the date of of request, as well as obtain the content of such information.

11.1.5.  To make a reasoned request to the Owner with objections to the processing of your information.

11.1.6.  To make a reasoned request to the owner to change or destroy your information if it is found that such information is being processed illegally or inaccurately.

11.1.7.  Withdraw consent to the processing of your information.

11.1.8.  To know the mechanism of automatic information processing on the website.

11.1.9.  Other rules according to law of Ukraine

12.   Final provisions 

12.1.   The Owner has the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time in its sole discretion. In case of a change in the Privacy Policy, the updated version will be posted on the website. If the user does not agree with the changes of the Privacy Policy, he must immediately stop any interaction with the website.

12.3.   The Owner is not responsible for for any damages caused to the user as a result of posting information by the user or the user-third parties without his consent, or as a result of processing of information by third parties through not Owner guilt.

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