PEACE at KIAF 2023

November 15, 2022

In the 2023 season a special place is given to works of the PEACE contest at Kyiv International Advertisiong Festival. 

KIAF 2023 is dedicated exclusively to socially significant communications in advertising and includes 13 contests

In the 2023 season it is presented a special contest PEACE, created for works and campaigns that against war, aggression, genocide, crimes against humanity, including the current war in Ukraine. Among the priorities in this contest are to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, reduce violence, combat crime and terrorism; combat organized crime and illicit financial and arms flows etc.

Participation in this contest is free of charge for all Ukrainian and international participants until the final deadline. 

It is also the only contest within the framework of KIAF, where concepts, open-brief works and unrealized materials are accepted.

Despite the fact that the entry submission opened recently, projects are already being registered and participants are leaving their feedback regarding the social format of the festival, and in particular the PEACE contest. Thus, the participants consider such orientation important and relevant, they note that each project of the PEACE contest is a "cultural front that opposes the chaos of war." Also, the participants hope that the availability of participation will encourage European agencies to make interesting communications and thereby raise awareness in their own countries.

We would like to remind you that for the PEACE contest, as well as for the other 12 contests of KIAF, you can submit work in 11 categories: Film, Radio/Audio Advertising, Print & Publishing, ООН, Social Media & Influence, PR Campaigns, etc.

The contest is open to all parties, organizations, individual creators involved in advertising, production, media, PR, design and creative industries throughout the world, including advertisers, media companies etc., except the aggressor countries, entries created for brands and companies which continue their operations or based in the aggressor countries.

Enter the PEACE contest and let’s together make the world a better place! 

Make the world a better place! 

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