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April 11, 2024

The creators explained their ideas through biochemistry, illustrating the connections between stories and emotions. 

The quality of communication is determined by people's reactions. Enthusiasm, surprise, joy and even envy or outrage can create whole stories. Indifference achieves nothing. On this premise, Publicis Ukraine has built the identity and communication for Ukrainian Creative Stories 2024, supplemented by the slogan "Reactions create emotions, emotions create stories". 

Ukrainian Creative Stories (UCS) is a platform that unites national and international advertising festivals in Ukraine, namely the Kyiv International Advertising Festival, ADC*UA Awards, Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of and MIXX Awards Ukraine. 

The UCS 2024 identity is a visual "chemistry", the reaction that a great idea provokes. It's a powerful release of hormones – dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, norepinephrine. The agency's team stylized their chemical formulas, adding Ukrainian authenticity, and through various combinations, created branding elements with different emotional spectra. The identity unfolds across various formats and media to attract as many creators as possible to the festival program.

Ruslan Palamarchuk, Creative Director at Publicis Ukraine, says: "We exist in a moment where the amount of information surrounding us exceeds our capacity to consume it. News about the war, politics, business, culture and of course, advertising communications, constantly vie for our attention. Any reaction we have to this information flow assesses its importance. Indifference immediately dismisses the trivial and temporary to focus on what matters. Ukrainian Creative Stories will highlight creative stories that provoke reactions, emotions and hormone surges, and because of this, have the potential to change the world for the better".

The submission of works continues on the website until April 26, ensuring your best projects are registered.

The General Partner of UCS 2024 is Nova Post. Delivering victories from Ukraine worldwide. Publicis Ukraine is the creative partner. 

Ukrainian Creative Stories attracts creators from around the world and fosters a community that is anything but indifferent, one that thinks in ideas.

Publicis Ukraine is one of the top 10 most creative agencies in Ukraine* and is part of Publicis Groupe Ukraine.

*According to the ranking of All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition 


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