UCS 2023 call to make the world a better place!

October 18, 2022

The 24th Kyiv International Advertising Festival calls for entries and holds as part of Ukrainian Creative Stories 2023. The Festival's contest program will be dedicated exclusively to socially significant communications in advertising.

Make the world a better place is the main message that the Ukrainian Creative Stories project wants to convey to creators all over the world. Making the world better, safer, more tolerant, more responsible has become an urgent task for humanity. Creative communications play an important role in such changes.

The focus of the contest program on socially significant communications makes it possible to draw the attention of creators from all over the world to the topic of social, ethical, environmental and other problems that are currently troubling society and inspire the society to make the world a better place. 

KIAF 2023 will celebrate the most creative works of socially significant communications, and these initiatives are aimed:

  • to educate, change perception, inspire action toward helping the environment,
  • to fight against discrimination (racial, ethnic, religious etc.) by promoting empowerment, equality, rights, tolerance,
  • to achieve gender equality and empowerment for all,
  • to reduce poverty and hunger everywhere,
  • to support, protect, and conserve animals and wildlife,
  • to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development.

In the 2023 season it is presented a special contest PEACE, created for works and campaigns that against war, aggression, genocide, crimes against humanity, including the current war in Ukraine. 

Detailed information about KIAF categories can be founded via link

Kyiv International Advertising Festival is open to all parties, organizations, individual creators involved in advertising, production, media, PR, design and creative industries throughout the world, including advertisers, media companies etc., except terrorist countries, aggressor countries, or countries that support terrorism and aggression.

The entry submission is open on website creative-stories.com.ua.

Submission of works to the PEACE contest is free of charge for Ukrainian and international participants until the final deadline.

The Super Early Birds Deadline is on December 1, 2022.

Ukrainian participants can register their projects free of charge until this date.

There are also discounts for members of advertising industry associations.

Totally there are 4 deadlines for entries submission. All rules can be founded via link

The winners will be announced at the end of May 2023.

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