2023 KIAF contest program

November 02, 2022

The entry submission of Kyiv International Advertising Festival 2023, which is dedicated exclusively to socially significant communications in advertising, is ongoing. The All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition, as the organizer of KIAF, talks about the contests and categories.

Making the world better, safer, more tolerant, more responsible has become an urgent task for humanity. Creative people and advertising play an important role in such changes.

In 2023, the most prestigious international advertising festival in Ukraine – KIAF – will celebrate and award campaigns that use creative communications to create changes and have a positive impact on the world.

Contest entries must demonstrate ideas aimed to change the world: to fight against war, aggression, genocide, crimes against humanity; to change perception and inspire action toward helping the environment; to fight against racial, ethnic, religious and other discriminations; to achieve gender equality and empowerment for all; to reduce poverty and hunger everywhere; to support, protect, and conserve animals and wildlife, etc. 

The contest program includes 13 contests:

  1. PEACE – initiatives against war, aggression, genocide, crimes against humanity, including the current situation of the war in Ukraine.
  2. Environment & Sustainability – initiatives intended to educate, change perception, inspire action toward helping the environment.
  3. Human Rights, Justice & Strong Institutions – work intended to fight against discrimination (racial, ethnic, religious etc.) by promoting empowerment, equality, rights, tolerance.
  4. Education: Quality, Civic & Social Education – efforts that contribute to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning opportunities.
  5. Gender Equality & LGBTQ Rights – work towards the achievement of gender equality and empowerment for all.
  6. Poverty & Hunger – efforts which address poverty and hunger everywhere.
  7. Health & Well-Being – work which intends to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all.
  8. Children: Health/Safety/Happiness – initiatives that intend in relation to what children need for a safe and happy life.
  9. Prosperity: Economic Growth, Innovations, Industry – work which promotes inclusive and economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all, nurtures investments and innovations.
  10. Animal Care & Protection – work which intends to support, protect, and conserve animals and wildlife.
  11. Arts and Culture – efforts which address the different issues and goals in aid to preserve artistic and cultural heritage.
  12. Partnership for the Goals – collaboration working and multi-stakeholder partnerships of governments, civil society, the private sector and others towards the betterment of society and the implementation of sustainable development.
  13. Local Solutions – initiatives which address positive change goals with a main focus on cultural insights and regional context.

In each of the 13 contests, there are 11 categories that reflect the tools used to achieve the set communication tasks: Film, Radio/Audio Advertising, Print & Publishing, ООН, Social Media & Influence, PR Campaigns, etc.

In the 2023 season it is presented a special contest PEACE. Submission of works to the PEACE contest is free of charge for Ukrainian and international participants until the final deadline.

Thus, KIAF contests, including the PEACE contest, gather bright examples of socially significant communications in advertising from around the world to reward the best cases.

The entry submission is open via link creative-stories.com.ua

The Super Early Birds Deadline is on December 1, 2022. Ukrainian participants can register their projects free of charge until this date.

The winners will be announced at the end of May 2023.

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