The deadline of 1st National Creative Contests

December 01, 2022

The deadline for submitting works for the first brief "Every Ukrainian contributes to the victory" is coming to an end, the task of which is to emphasize the importance of the volunteer movement, workers of communal services, medical workers, any ordinary citizens who in any way contribute to economic growth.

National Creative Contests consists of three contests. Each contest has a given socially important topic that is presented in the brief for specific organizations or government structures. 

Participation in National Creative Contests is free of charge. Registration of works according to the first brief lasts until December 5, 2022. Everyone has the opportunity to demonstrate their talents and creativity according to the given brief.

The full text of the brief 1 "Every Ukrainian contributes to the victory" can be found via link

As contest entries, various media formats are accepted for participation by choice or together for presentations of the idea and its argumentation, among which may be:

- creative images, design concepts, etc,

- video files (videos, animations or video cases, etc, 

- a web link to the digital execution and/or presentation web page with a description of the project, 

- PDF files with idea presentation, examples of visual materials, script, moodboards, etc.

Each participant can register any number of entries (concepts).

It is important that the presented idea/concept MUST NOT BE an already implemented work for any of the customers, and MUST NOT be one that has been aired or published/publicized before the entry.

We invite young and experienced creators to participate in the National Creative Contests and create pro-Ukrainian socially significant creative ideas! 

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