The deadline of the second contest of NCC

January 04, 2023

On January 9 is the deadline of the second contest of National Creative Contests with the brief 2 "United Ukraine" that aims to create creative communications that will promote the sovereignty of Ukraine and support people in the newly liberated and temporarily occupied territories.

The contest is open to all willing Ukrainian participants, namely: advertising agencies, independent creators, advertisers, media companies and all those involved in advertising, production, media, PR, design, and creativity in general.

Participation in the contest is free of charge. Participants need to create an idea or concept of communication that has not been implemented for any of the customers.

The details of the brief 2 can be found via link

The jury members are leading creatives, members of the Art Directors Club of Ukraine ADC*UA. Winners announcement will be on January 23-24, 2023. 

National Creative Contests are three independent contests, each of which has a given topic related to the war in Ukraine or other socially important issues for Ukraine. The National Creative Contests are held within the framework of Ukrainian Creative Stories 2023 and are organized outside the contest program of the Kyiv International Advertising Festival (KIAF) 2023. The topics will be presented in three separate briefs prepared for specific organizations or government structures. 

All winners and finalists of the National Creative Contest will have the right of free of charge participation in the contest program of the KIAF 2023, and they will also be awarded with points at the National Ranking of Creativity and Craft 2023.

We invite Ukrainian creators to participate in the second contest of National Creative Contests!

Let’s create Ukrainian social creative content and together step towards our victory!

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