KIAF 2023: chronicles of the international festival

March 10, 2023

The Kyiv International Advertising Festival 2023 continues accepting entries. The closest deadline is on April 1. The organizers of the festival talked about how the international professional community supports the KIAF and why a participation is useful for Ukrainian agencies.

The All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition has organized the KIAF 24 times already, the competition program did not stop either during the pandemic or during the war. The festival, like advertising agencies and the industry as a whole, adapts and transforms to the realities. The competition program of KIAF takes place within the framework of the Ukrainian Creative Stories 2023 project and is focused exclusively on socially significant communications. After all, creative ideas that aimed to change the world (to fight against war, aggression, genocide, crimes against humanity; to change perception and inspire action toward helping the environment; to fight against racial, ethnic, religious and other discriminations; to achieve gender equality and empowerment for all; to reduce poverty and hunger everywhere; to support, protect, and conserve animals and wildlife) – are an important global issue trend and demand from society.

According to Global Trends 2023, 80% of consumers agree that brands can make money and support good causes at the same time. Therefore, KIAF tells creatives from all over the world to "Make the world a better place!", which encourages them to increase the share of socially oriented communications for their clients.

The global community is happy to respond to the call and join KIAF 2023 in various forms: spreading information, joining the judging and submitting entries. Wide involvement of the professional community in the festival is a good opportunity for Ukrainian agencies to declare themselves and find new foreign partners. 

In terms of information, KIAF is supported by the largest European association of communication agencies – EACA, as well as 24 industrial associations of Europe that are part of it. Effie Worldwide and local Effie programs are also spreading information about KIAF around the world.

Foreign professional media are also involved in spreading information about the festival: Strategies, LBBOnline, Horizont, Ctrl and Anuncios, IQads, MRKTNG, international media and information resources of the advertising industry in the Asia-Pacific region, Brazil and Africa.

Therefore, the finalists and winners of the contest will have the opportunity to announce themselves among the professional community not only in Europe, but also in the world.

The cases submitted to the international competition have a valuable opportunity to present agencies’ work to a professional jury. Only international specialists with judging experience and awards at international festivals and contest, including Cannes Lions, are included in the jury of the KIAF. Experts from 19 countries of the world have already entered the judging team, and involvement in judging is still ongoing.

Also, KIAF has a composition of participants with a wide geography. The festival has already received works from Australia, Chile, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela. Foreign participants are not only competitors in the advertising contest, they are also possible partners in future projects. Therefore, the organizers say, the international festival is an opportunity for Ukrainian creators to form and strengthen their reputation and competences, as well as to establish new partnerships.

The general partner of UCS is Nova Poshta. Delivering victories from Ukraine worldwide. 

Submit your works to KIAF 2023

Regular Deadline – April 1, 2023

Winners will be announced at the end of May 2023

Let's make the world a better place together!


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