About the support of creative contests during the war

March 16, 2023

Nova Post became the General Partner of Ukrainian Creative Stories and Kyiv International Advertising Festival 2023.

The main slogan of the General Partner became "Nova Poshta. Delivering victories from Ukraine worldwide". Nova Poshta is a leader in speed and number of delivered parcels, one of the largest employers and taxpayers in the country, as well as a powerful example of a socially oriented business. The company not only brings our main victory closer, but with its partnership supports creators winning in the advertising contest.

"It is not at all surprising to us that it was Nova Poshta that supported the project of socially significant communications this year. The company has been a partner of Ukrainian advertising contests and festivals for several years, supporting the advertising industry even in difficult war times", says Maksym Lazebnyk, General Director of the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition, which is the organizer of UCS and KIAF. 

This year, KIAF 2023 collects the best advertising campaigns from around the world, which are aimed to fight against war, aggression, genocide, crimes against humanity, to fight against discriminations, to reduce poverty and hunger, to achieve gender equality, to help the environment, to protect animals and wildlife. 

Nova Poshta supports Ukrainians both inside the country and abroad. So that Ukrainians who were forced to leave their homes because of the war could receive parcels from their loved ones in Ukraine, Nova Poshta opened branches in Poland and Lithuania, and will soon open it in Romania, Germany and the Czech Republic. The company has already launched its own SuperNova airline, the first flights of which will take place in May.

Nova Poshta not only supports the country's economy, gives work to a large number of employees, helps the Armed Forces, but also creates advertising communications designed to support and inspire Ukrainians.

So recently, inspiring messages for Ukrainians from the company appeared in the Kyiv metro, and for Valentine's Day, Nova Poshta created a Tinder account and invited its customers to meet them. The "There Will Be Tomorrow" winter campaign reminded Ukrainians that "in this unstable time, there are things you can be sure of: tomorrow the sun will rise, there will be new victories, there will be your parcel... There will be tomorrow". 

"Nova Poshta supports Ukrainians, helps the Armed Forces and the whole country in their daily struggle. Creative communications are an integral part of our path to victory. So, we create ourselves and call on advertisers around the world to create socially meaningful communications," says Olena Plakhova, Director of Reputation Management and Marketing, Member of the Directors Board of Nova Poshta Group of Companies.

"We are grateful to Nova Poshta, for the fact that in difficult times it supports our initiatives and helps convey to the whole world the message from creative people of Ukraine "Make the world a better place!". We are proud to cooperate with such a partner", commented Maksym Lazebnyk.

Join KIAF 2023

Regular Deadline – April 1, 2023

Winners will be announced at the end of May 2023

The General Partner is Nova Poshta. Delivering victories from Ukraine worldwide.

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