Kyiv International Advertising Festival 2024

February 15, 2024

Kyiv International Advertising Festival 2024 is now open for entries. The KIAF contest program consists of 4 blocks – CREATIVE COMMUNICATIONS, CRAFT/TECHNOLOGY, SOCIAL GOALS CONTESTS, and CLIENT`S VIEW – each representing key areas in advertising and creativity, focusing on big ideas, execution excellence, societal impact, and business-oriented creative solutions. All entries can be submitted until April 26th on the platform

For the first time since the full-scale invasion in Ukraine, Kyiv International Advertising Festival is opening entries’ submissions for the entire contest program. The new season's contest programs will introduce a range of innovations and broad opportunities for participation and victory for the most diverse players in the advertising market and other representatives of the creative community.

KIAF is an international festival, inviting entries from participants all around the world, excluding the aggressor’s countries. The annual event features over 700 entries from leading communication agencies across Europe and globally, bringing together more than 100 esteemed international judges. This year, the festival celebrates its 25th anniversary.

The festival will take place within the framework of Ukrainian Creative Stories and will conclude with Award Ceremonies on May 30 and 31, 2024. The General Partner is Nova Post. Delivering victories from Ukraine worldwide.

The festival is open to participants from various sectors of the advertising and communications market, including advertising agencies, independent creators, advertisers, media companies, as well as professionals in production, media, PR, design, and other creative fields globally.

KIAF contest program is divided into 4 blocks, each including 41 contests and 446 categories that reflect the key directions in the advertising and creative industry:

  • CREATIVE COMMUNICATIONS is focused on big creative ideas in different disciplines.
  •  CRAFT/ TECHNOLOGY is recognized for creative excellence and brilliant execution in some of the key segments of advertising and communication production process.
  •  SOCIAL GOALS CONTESTS is rewarded and celebrated campaigns that use creative communications to make changes and positively impact the world.
  • CLIENT`S VIEW is evaluated for industry projects and awards creativity, originality of communication solution with account of its results to solve business tasks.

In the 2024 contest program, there will be 7 international jury teams and 1 client jury team formed by advertisers. The festival's jury, composed of leading global experts in the field of advertising, evaluates the works considering international criteria for the creativity of ideas and their execution.

Early Birds Deadline – 1 March. 

Register your creative works for KIAF 2024!

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